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Social Media Illustration

April 15, 2017 • admin

Social Media Illustration,

Increasingly quick is the development speed of the
human society in numerous factors due to the advances in scientific and
technological field, currently it is more and more frequent for human beings to
explore clearly about the details about the social media so that they can deal better
with business issues. It can be easily imagined that more and more people have
experienced the appearance of various mediums and methods in business
communication, They hold that to choose the most appropriate social medium and
method in business communication can, to a large extent, determine whether a
specific business issue can be achieved. Therefore in the following I will
mainly discuss various mediums and methods as can help get one™s messages
across and in the meanwhile both the advantages and challenges of each and
every of them will be elaborately explained as well from my own point of view.

When talking
about the various mediums and methods in business communication, what come
first into human beings™ mind are primarily the below ones: the best-performing
e-mails, Facebook, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts as well as other forms of
social media. Just as what has been mentioned in the OCR Reading that However,
many of the concepts you will learn about sales persuasion apply not only to
well-established channels such as direct mail, TV, print, radio, and other
traditional media, but also to online marketing and social media. You will
learn about nontraditional channels such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs, wikis,
and other social media (Guffey et al. 2012). From this we can easily
understand why human beings will have strong desire to explore clearly about
those mediums and methods as they will really be puzzled about them when they
need to choose one and put that specific one into the business situation. That
is to say, all Facebook, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds, podcasts and other social
media can be used to connect with stakeholders and then result in the
completion of the business issues in the end if the businessmen can be
competent enough to well control those mediums and methods.

First and
foremost come the verbal methods in the business communication. It is known to
us that there exist many ways to verbally communicate with other businessmen in
the business context, including face-to-face communication and telephone
communication. To put it more specifically, Facebook, YouTube and podcasting
will undoubtedly be included in this type. The advantages of the verbal methods
of communication are that it can be more direct for two businessmen to listen
to and speak with each other and it is easier for them to reach an agreement
with a higher efficiency. Moreover, it can be easier for them to consult one
another about any puzzlement during the whole process of their communication so
that they can avoid misunderstanding. While the challenges for such verbal
methods are that the businessmen should have cultivated a quite good speaking
skill and the concrete content is hard to trace when they would like to check
it some day later in the future. And what has to be mentioned is that the
businessmen may not have time to meet other businessmen because of their tight schedule,
leading to the fact that the verbal communications are hard to be conducted in
the reality.

With the
verbal methods in business communication being described at length in the
above, what come next at the list are the written methods. Namely speaking, the
written methods in business communication are actually the use of physical
symbols to represent charts, diagrams, graphs and words. The specific means of
written methods can be primarily divided into methods like blogs, books, the
best-performing e-mails, government publications, newspapers, RSS feeds, trade
journals as well as other methods like that. Speaking of the advantages of the
written methods in business communication, what I would like to put forward is
that the written information is really formal and clear to stand for something
and the readers can smoothly understand the meaning within. In addition, the
written information is correctly written and will be recorded and saved especially
in order for afterward check for any reason. While the disadvantages of written
methods are that it will take longer for communication so as to prolong the
time period for the deal to be made and sometimes it may not be that quick for
the businessmen to get the feedback in time. The feedback obtained at once is
really significant for the business implementation and it will immediately exert
impacts toward whether a specific business deal can be successfully realized.

Then the
focus will turn to the on-screen methods in business communication. Or maybe it
can be put in another way that the on-screen methods are simply the information
that is produced on screen and human beings can know them if they pay attention
to the screen. As on-screen text is taxing to read, it should be as brief as
possible to concentrate on one or two central selling points only. Take CD roms
and multi-media television (TV) as examples, they two are perfectly the
components of the on screen methods as they can combine animation, audio,
graphics, text and video at the same time. The advantages of the on-screen
methods are that it can be really vivid and convincing to deliver the
information to the audience so that they can listen clearly about the details
and they can in the meanwhile appreciate the artistic beauty within. However,
the challenges for the on screen methods are that they are not with a high
access as businessmen are always outside and they may not be available to CD
roms and multi-media television (TV) at an appointed moment, let alone sharing the
benefits of it. So we can have a fair knowledge that such methods are lack of
practicability in the realistic business context.

Last but not
the least will be the web-based methods in business communication. Blankly
speaking, the web-based methods are taking the information on the web pages as
the subject to be supplied to other businessmen, on which there will be multi
forms of media integrated together like animation, audio, data, graphics, text
and so on. As a matter of fact, the web based methods can be regarded as the
sharing of ideas, information or words over a network of computers. The
aforementioned wikis will be naturally in this segment. The advantages of the
web-based methods are that the wide popularity of computers and smart phones
has brought a really high possibility for businessmen to quickly know the
updating of the business related information at the first place and they can later
raise their own ideas about each and every aspect in the business. But the
challenges of the web-based methods are that human beings may be distracted to
something else when they are surfing the Internet and they may not correctly
put their emphasis. In this way, some business deals may be lost so that the
profits will be influenced more or less.

To sum up, the web-based method will be preferred
in my own point of view. That is to say, the web pages will be the top priority
for business communication in that it is reliable for the necessary business
information to be delivered so that people can be well informed. Then those
people can take suitable actions after getting the specific information,
resulting in the successful realization of the deals at last. And its effect
can be maximized as long as human beings can help themselves out of the bad habit
and from time to time concentrate on something significant but not other
useless content.

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