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Political Science

April 14, 2017 • admin

Jazmine Farias
Political Science #70096
August 20, 2012
Thinking about Politics
While I was growing up politics didn??™t really matter to me or it really didn??™t concern me. To me it just seemed like a topic only grown up or adults had to worry about it. It didn??™t really hit me till I entered High School in 2008 and students will be walking around campus with a ???VOTE OBAMA??? shirt and I remember thinking to myself who is this Obama guy and why should I vote for him, and from there politics became a topic I wanted to learn about, and i was very interested into knowing more and more about politcs and the history but really didn??™t get into it untill later. Through out my high school years I would consider myself as a democrat because my family was, but I didn??™t really know what that meant till I reached my senior year in high school and we learned about it in my Government class. That??™s when I realized I believe in the total opposite except in some occasion. If it wasn??™t for the family, schooling/education, and religion politics wouldn??™t be a big issue to me.
Recently I went on and to see where I stood in the political spectrum and to find out what witch one of the 9 typologies I fit into best. According to the quiz I took on it said I was a Main Street Republican, witch to me is pretty accurate except on certain issues such as immigration. Some of the things that makes me a Main Street Republican is that im strongly opposed to abortion and same sex marriage. Also that I am completely confident that hard works pay off and that I am supportive of the governments effort to protect the environment (www.pewresearch/typology/test). What I didn??™t agree on and what didn??™t make me a happy camper was said I was generally negative about immigration and I am mostly opposed about social welfare program, witch im not there always that one something that makes me go from that one side to the other in the political spectrum and because of the whole immigration issue makes me lean toward the blue side because my Hispanic heritage and my family.
My family was never a political one. They never really talked about politics to me well I was growing up. What I did know about my family was that they are democratic and that has to do with us being part of the middle class and struggling with this recession. Since my family Is democratic I always considered myself one as well because of there influences. When I became a senior in high school that??™s when I was old enough to understand the different between the democratic and the republicans.
Schooling and education is how I was introduced to all the political talk. If it was not for school I would be oblivious to the political world. Schooling is what helped me understand the difference between the democrats and the republicans. Education is what helped me to understand how politics all stared. I may not be a master into knowing it all, but if it was not for an education I would have never realized its importance to all of our American lives, and how great it is we have the ability to vote based on what we believe in.
Religion plays a big major factor in how I view politics. I am a very strong Christian and based on what I believe in is where I stand in the political spectrum and what I will vote for when it come to elections. Relgion has influnced me to vote for the things I believe are right. Such as pro life and pro marriage.

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