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Policy Analysis

March 29, 2017 • admin

PAD 260

Substantive and Supportive Activities
Ch. 7 ???Organizing??? p.329
Ch. 4 ???Administrative Responsibility???
Program implementation needs substantive and supportive activities in order to function.

Substantive activities: are directly goal oriented. Result producing. There must be a mandate, a policy declaration. The UN declaration is an example. Example is, submitting papers.
Support activities: machinery of implementation for reaching the goal. Result contributing. Example is getting to school, getting the books (from the library or online).
Commonalities, they both require a mandate and a budget. Difference is that substantive is goal directed and support is a machinery. Substantive should take 70% of funds while support take 30% however, this is not the case. Support activities are more expensive in some cases.

Activities of organizations fall into 4 categories:
1. Top management activities ??“ have to maintain external relations to achieve the mission, you have to design plain responsibilities for budget and planning.
2. Result producing substantive activities ??“ you need to do a performance evaluation and assessment of the staff and the unit as a whole.
3. Result contributing (support) activities ??“ training, home resource management (they are not directly involved in the end result but the make sure that the company has the right stuff), budgeting
4. House keeping ??“ discussing what??™s needed for the organizations, building, premises and maintenance of it.

Areas of support activities:
* Management and Budgetary Administration
* Budgeting and Accounting
* Human Resources Management

There are some special support services when it comes to IPA organizations
Special Support Services (IPA Org.):
* Security and Safety
* Interpretation and Translation
* Transportation
* Public Information
* Premises ??“ Supplies
* Inform Technology

Meetings (away from HQs)
* Substantive ??“ identify the problem and come up with a plan
* Location and purpose of meeting ??“
* Determine desired and needed participants (establish a ratio) – experts, people who were affected, the media, people involved in public opinion, the gov??™t
* Design a Conference Program (come up with an itinerary, what will happen during four days of the conference). Also have key speakers
* Budget requirements and budget allocated
* Result. Final Document ??“ Plan of Action (follow-up)
* Support Activities:
* Invitations for attendance
* Program and budget estimates
* Arrange for conference site
* Translation/Implementation and other conference services (we have to process documents paper, all the invited ppl. have to know about the background of the topic/issue/s).
* Public Information Arrangements ??“ the public needs to be updated about what happened in the meeting.

Mission (Peace Keeping Operation, PKO Relief)
* Planning and programming the daily operation
* Ensure budget requirements
* Consult governments for provision of administrative civilian, police and military staff.
* Travel to area
* Monitoring/Evaluation

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