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Policy Address 2011-2012

March 28, 2017 • admin

The current policy address 2011-2012 is the last policy address announced by the Chief Executive Donald Tsang.
There are five main aspects of the policy address, they are housing policy, caring for the elderly, supporting people in need, investing for the future and the quality life, whose are the policies geared towards the continuous improvement of people??™s livelihood. The topics that cause most people concerns are the government will provide 7500 public renting housing in the next five years to fix the insufficient of housing problem in Hong Kong.
The other topic is the employment support by the government. The government allocates $100 million to help NGOs establish small enterprises employing people with disabilities and provide 1 000 additional education and in-service training places in service industries for young people.
For the ageing population in Hong Kong, the government increase subsidised community care places for the elderly and increase subsidised residential care places for the elderly, which provide nursing and a continuum of care.
I think the current policy address can improve the people??™s livelihood on some ways, because I think there are some limitations on it. As the address can provide a large amount of public renting housing to people in need it can surely solve the insufficient supply of public housing and the high property prices will be fix. Besides, the solutions made by the government are good to face the ageing population. Hong Kong people become more longevity, the number of elderly will keep rising, so the subsidized community care places and residential care places for the elderly is essential.
However, there are limitations on the address of the employment support. The government decided to provide 1 000 additional education and in-service training places in service industries for young people. Is 1000 training places are enough for the young people to find their jobs in the future, of course not! Therefore, I think the government should consider more about the unemployment rate of young people.

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