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Pm 571 Week 1

February 27, 2017 • admin

Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper
University of Phoenix
PM 571 Project Management
December 13, 2010

National City Community Appreciation Day is a project where National City Bank closes 100 branches midday, to allow 700 bank employees to volunteer to work for 23 community organizations on that day. The goal of Community Appreciation day is to strengthen the banks ties to the local community. This project helps builds community relations, performs goodwill and improves the National City??™s image within surrounding communities.
Project Description
Liberty House is one of the 23 partnering with National City for Community Appreciation Day. Liberty House provides assisted living arrangements for low income elderly and disabled citizens (Battaglia, 2008). The Liberty House project involves 30 National City volunteers from four Western Wayne County District National City branches. The objective of this project is to rehabilitate a Liberty House property. The project consists of painting parts of the home, landscaping, and minor repairs to the homes. Materials for the project include donations from Sherwin Williams, National City, and Green Tomato Greenhouse.
Customer Appreciation Day is a complex project that consists of several smaller projects. On this day, 30 employees start the day with the goal of improving the lives and living conditions of the residents at Liberty House. Five hours were set aside on this day. The employee had to use the five hours to complete project tasks. The project is complete once the painting of the rooms and the yard work are finished and all debris and trash are cleaned up. The smiles of the residents are the measures or success for this project.
National City??™s mission statement is ???National City Corporation will be a premier diversified financial services company providing customers with advice, information and services to meet their financial needs. We will achieve superior levels of financial performance as compared to our peers and provide stockholders with an attractive return on their investment over time.???(2007) Being a good corporate citizen is an important part of National City living up to the mission statement. Annually National City donates $45 million dollars to charities across its footprint. (Battaglia, 2008, CL4)
Customer Appreciation Day has a specific objective of giving back to the local communities that make National City possible every day of the year. National City wants to send the message that the company cares about the community. The success of the project is not easily measurable in quantitative figures. Positive media coverage and customer community feedback are the best indicators of the projects accomplishments. The smaller groups are given certain tasks to complete. These tasks are the responsibility of the groups. The project requires plenty of work to accomplish. With 30 volunteers working as a single unit, five hours is a realistic timeframe.
Organizational Structure
Management support helps make this project possible. National City has a functional management structure. The market manager communicates the corporate vision and goals to the district manager. The market manager is responsible for overseeing 8-12 district managers. Each district manager delegates the corporate agenda to the branch managers. Each district manager is responsible for the activities of 6-10 branch managers. The branch manager has majority control within the branch. Employees work hard to complete daily tasks that managers delegate to them (Gary & Larson, 2008). The National City employees have daily routines and responsibilities. A project that requires employees to perform special tasks is second in priority to the daily responsibilities of the office.
The project benefits from the functional manage structure because of the flexibility of organizing 700 employees from different branches and departments to work for 23 charities. The day following the project, teams easily transitioned back to their branches and departments to work as usual. The large and diverse backgrounds of the volunteers made completing the large project feasible. Unlike many functional structures, branch managers were accountable for the work of their teams.
Project managers have little authority over staff members. If the manager does not make time for the staff to participate then the project will fail. Customer Appreciation day project has the support of all levels of corporate management. It is an annual project that is a part of a great corporate strategy to give back to the community. Community Appreciation Day is used as a tool to better community relations and improves the company??™s image. The project manager??™s success in selling the benefits of the project to the senior management is a factor in the success of the project. The project manager was able to influence the managers to support this cause. Closing 100 branches is not possible without the ok of top management. The project manager must convince the management of the benefits of such a risky proposal
Organizational Culture
National City is a giving culture. In 2008, National City donated $43 million to the United Way. Several million more were donated to local causes in all seven states in which the bank operates. Giving is a part of the member identity of the employees. Of the $43 million donated to the United Way $3 million was donated by the employees (Battaglia, 2008). Most of the banking functions in a bank branch can be completed individually, but the organization??™s has team based approach encourages employees work together. Interdepartmental competitions, community services, or special projects, employees use a team based approach. It is normal for employees to work to the greater goal of the team. This culture is a positive for the Community Appreciation Day. Employees volunteered to give a half days pay to work as a team to better the community (Battaglia, 2008).
National City has a very conservative behavioral culture. Strict dress codes and zero tolerance policies for certain types of behaviors have created an environment responsibility, accountability, discipline, and guidance (Gary & Larson, 2008). The employees follow directions well and execute given directions in a timely, professional manner. In less than five hours, three rooms and a garage, and a wooden fence had been painted. The grass was cut, bushes and shrubs were pruned, and new flowers where planted. Volunteers weeded the lawn and the broken front step was replaced. The project manager managed the time and process and provide refreshments, encouragement, and while working aside the team.
National City Banks Customer Appreciation Day is a project that highlights to giving nature of the company and the employees of this organization. The management structure and organizational culture influences National City??™s ability to create and complete this project. National City??™s ability to manage this project while staying in line with the organization corporate strategy are all important factors that helped make Customer Appreciation day a success.

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