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Compare Two Artists

March 31, 2017 • admin

paper:Compare Two Artists

Among all the world™s famous artists,
there are two of them that left me a deep impression. One of them is
Michelangelo and the other one is the famous Leonardo Da Vinci. A lot of art
experts have mentioned that Michelangelo is a better artist then Leonardo Da
Vinci, However, I respectfully disagree. I claimed that not because of my
particular obsession with Leonardo Da Vinci. On the contrary, I believe these
two artists both share similarities and at the same time, they differ in some
ways that show their unique talents.

In fact, Michelangelo
is regarded as the rival of another Renaissance artist called Leonardo Da
Vinci. It is obvious that these two artists shared the same period of time.
Both of them lived and worked in the same period. However, Michelangelo is more
than twenty years younger than Leonardo Da Vinci. Therefore, it means that when
Michelangelo decided to start his career as an artist, Leonardo Da Vinci has
already established his reputation. What™s more, at the period of time when
Michelangelo and his work became well-known to the people of his time, Leonardo
Da Vinci had already planned to retire and enjoy his peaceful time. That
explained why the name Leonardo Da Vinci is more likely to ring a bell for the
common citizens than Michelangelo.

When it comes to what
these two artists painted, in fact, they painted almost the similar topics.
This is not because they shared the same taste. Just like the majority of other
author and artists in the Renaissance, they had to be commissioned by the
Church to make art, paint stories and even create works that are based on
Biblical stories. Therefore, what they made or created did not truly reflect
what they think of. On the contrary, they might have been forced by the
powerful to paint stories about a belief that they did not believe in. for Leonardo
Da Vinci, one of his most well known paintings is about a painting of Jesus and
Jesus™ disciples called The Last Supper. For Michelangelo, his famous work is
related to the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is called the Sistine Chapel
Roof, which showed many stories from the Bible.

However, although they
painted art works that are based on Biblical stories, that does not mean that
they share the similar styles. For Michelangelo, he is more famous being
recognized by the ordinary citizens as a sculptor. On the other hand, people
know Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist who can do sketches well. What™s more,
although both of have had worked in realistic compositions characteristic of
artists, they did it in different ways. Leonardo Da Vinci had a tendency of
placing a lot of attention on the fabric. However, for Michelangelo, he
preferred to make large shapes and minimal clothing.

Clearly, both artists
are both known by different subject matter and styles. It is never fair to say
one beats anther because both of them passed on to the world the stories from
the Renaissance and they have contributed the most impressive creations in art


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